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So many options

I’m teaching one (higher level) Spanish course next fall. It’s a new course. I’ll have two sections of about 20 students in each section. The rest of my job allocation will be dedicated to coaching teachers and helping run our district’s K-12 Dual Language program. Here are a few ideas I have in mind. I’m thinking redefinition.

**Electronic Portfolios for Dual Language students entering 9th grade and/or Electronic Portfolios for entering DL Kindergarten students.

  • Use Google Sites to create a skeleton for them.
  • Help students chose important entries to mark important milestone
  • Help all teachers see the importance of students reflecting on their work over the course of many years.

**Create/or Participate in a Global Collaborative Project with my Spanish Course.

  • Students connect with students from primarily Spanish speaking countries to improve language proficiency, gain insight into culture, to build relationships and become effective global citizens.
  • Students could solve an authentic problem.  This is always more challenging than I think. I often have SAVE THE WORLD as one of the guidelines on our projects but haven’t ever dedicated the time necessary to SAVE the WORLD.
  • Give students 4 or 5 choices of a semi-structured project so it’s more manageable for me to help them and they’ll have classmates with whom they can collaborate.
  • This could be a semester long 20% project for each student.
  • Access to technology will be a challenge.  Maybe I could attempt to run a BYOD mini program for my students. I could probably get 50% to participate. I would have more success if I had some other teachers/classes in the building on board.
  • Send kids to a Flat-classroom Conference.
  • Have students present during the Global Education Conference under the Student Strand.
  • Have students blog (and comment) regularly as a way to communicate, connect, document and share their global projects.
  • Tie their project to the three novels they will read. Share the content created with other Spanish teachers reading the same novels.
  • I have ordered Flattening Classroom and Engaging Minds to help me create this course.

**Help our HS school with a 1:1 Roll-out plan. Just typing this out made me cross it off the list. It’s a huge job but not for Course Five. 

**Use technology smartly to improve language learning in all Dual Language Classrooms K-12.

  • Create flipped content that can provide repetitive, creative, compelling comprehensible input for students.
  • Help teachers build their PLNs.
  • Help teachers and students include more digital storytelling into their classes.
  • Help teachers create positive digital footprints for themselves and their students.

**Becoming a much more prolific blogger and sharer of educational practices with a larger audience. 

  • I’ll be working with six new Spanish teachers to our district and need effectively communicate with them all.
  • How can I help them assimilate to our country and help them be effective teachers?
  • Can technology help improve the conversations, classes, materials, technology, etc. that I’ll be sharing with them?
  • What technology structures should I be thinking about putting in place to help these new teachers?
  • I’m also attending and presenting at a few WL conferences and could be sharing best practice, reflecting and connecting with more WL educators.

I’m looking forward to flushing these ideas out over the summer and coming up with something that will best represent my learning in this class. With one week of class left to go before summer break, I’m excited about the possibilities for next fall. That’s always a good sign. 

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  1. Love all of these ideas! It’s really interesting to see how different these ideas are – I think that gives you lots of options and you might even be able to work on more than one. I love the idea of helping the spanish teachers in your district get connected – that would be so much fun! But of course, if you get the chance to attend a Flat Classroom Conference I highly recommend it – the experience I’ve had facilitating them with Julie has been AMAZING, and well worth the time and energy spent.

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