Pets and Google Hangouts

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We are making SIC progress!

As part of that progress, last week, we held a Google Hangout.

Although we say it over and over again that “tech is just a tool”,  this meeting was centered almost entirely on the tool. I didn’t get to discuss much of our agenda items but… we all met @alica’s lab, @paul’s cat, @doug’s pug, @chris’ corgi and @tom’s 2-year-old. Laksa made her own two-second appearance as well.  Members learned about the drawing tools, sharing the screen, the integration of Google Drive and how to put fun effects on each other all while on a Google Hangout.  Sharing via the Hangout, which was new to all members, was more about building our relationship as a group than any other objective I had originally in mind.

My objectives should have been:

  • solve problems
  • build relationships
  • have fun
  • finish a few minutes early

We accomplished all of the above with a smile on our screen. How often are such objectives clearly stated and/or would be accepted by administration in our classrooms today?

The Hangout was not without hiccups. I had set-up a Today’s Meet room as a back-up plan if we couldn’t get connected.  We needed that space along with two cell phones, our Google Plus Community and (sadly) our archaic school Groupwise email system to get us all in the same room at the same time.  It took a techno- village.

I continue to be proud of the members of SIC. They are taking risks in their classrooms and starting to feel more confident in participating and in some cases even leading in various face-to-face and online learning environments.

One thought on “Pets and Google Hangouts

  1. Awesome! So great to see this developing! Love that you have taken a moment to think about how you might have structured things a little differently, but it doesn’t matter because you all got through it with a smile! Well done!

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